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Since I took my first trip abroad at six years old I have had a passion for travel! I am captivated by differences in culture from around the world and am always seeking out a new adventure. Just about nowhere is off limits for me. Go ahead, ask!

I have traveled to over 50 countries and, while I am always asked, I do not have one favorite. I adore them all. Each place has its own traditions, food, architecture and faces that make it unique. I use my time off to explore my passion of travel photography. In 2014 I had the honor to work with Photographers without Borders on a project in Colombia for their inaugural magazine which was later featured here in Washington DC at the Colombian Embassy. I have been fortunate enough to combine my work with some of my travels and am always looking for new opportunities that allow me to visit and photograph in new locations.  

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Travel photography focuses on the culture, people, customs, history, and landscape of the subject location. This type of photography focuses on documenting and telling the story of something outside of your own everyday scope.

VACATION photographER

When going on vacation with the family, friends, or corporate excursions, taking a professional vacation photographer is the easiest way to truly enjoy your special moments. Imagine capturing your family on a beach playing with one another while never reaching for your phone or camera. I can capture your group together enjoying your planned excursions as well as all the fun candid moments between while you just enjoy being in the moment.

Of course, business trips include excursions into the local environment whether that be a hunting trip to Montana or a recognition to your sales team in Mexico and I can be there while your team enjoys the fruits of their hard work and spends time bonding.

There are many reasons to get a vacation photographer, but the one that stands above all else is that you can relax on your vacation and get amazing shots for all the special moments that you want to remember.



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